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Do You Keifer or Kombucha?

Are you chasing this tail wind of the Keifer and Kombucha kraze? Do you wonder if you're getting the real thing at the store? Are you ingesting every bit of literature you can on the subject and becoming a fermenting prodigy in your own right? Some of the above? Are you done with the intro… Continue reading Do You Keifer or Kombucha?

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New Direction, Answering My Call

I reached a milestone in May. Leading up to the beginning of my new decade, there were many things I had to think about, all of us go through those periods of reflection and reevaluation. Through intense prayer and others praying on my behalf, I believe God answered me with the call to do more… Continue reading New Direction, Answering My Call

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Essentials for Expanding Your Family

This is not written by the perfect mom, perfect wife, or even a perfect human. I feel assured you would know that by looking at me, even more so if you know me. However, when writing something from my heart this way, I feel you should know I know I'm not perfect. Right now my… Continue reading Essentials for Expanding Your Family

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Busy Bags – DIY!

In preparing for our Christmas road trip, that didn't actually happen, I spent several hours researching (pinterest-ing) busy bag ideas for toddlers, road trips, etc. I loved all the ideas I got from so many neat boards. None of my creations look exactly like the ones I researched, and that's the beauty of it, collect… Continue reading Busy Bags – DIY!

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Happy Day!

Today I had such a happy, exciting moment. Some people geek out over, I don't know... Taylor Swift? Or someone else famous. Today I met a delightful lady I totally consider a celebrity. You've seen me link recipe after recipe of hers, household tips, etc. right here in these posts. I had some doubts about… Continue reading Happy Day!


The Christmas Road Trip that wasn’t…

How excited are you heading into the holidays? You have all kinds of plans, maybe you're going somewhere new, or back home. Maybe you're waiting for people to come to you. Maybe you're taking yourself somewhere to relax solo. ¬†However you planned it, you were looking forward to the days of holiday vacation. We were… Continue reading The Christmas Road Trip that wasn’t…